How To Market Your Ebook - A Complete Checklist to Market Your Ebook or Digital Product

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Creating a digital product - whether it's an ebook, printable, checklist, meal plans... whatever it may be - is only half the journey to launching a new revenue stream.

The other half is... the marketing!

For years I have been helping my incredibly creative and knowledgeable clients bring their ebooks and printables to life in an effort to help their communities and grow their businesses. But the one big hurdle so many of them struggle with is how to sell their beautiful products!

How to Market Your Ebook - a Complete Checklist to Market Your Ebook or Digital Product, will help you get your digital product out into the world and get it seen and, most importantly, get it purchased!

You'll find checklists to help you with:

  • pricing your book
  • marketing your book via your website from launch to evergreen sales
  • email marketing strategies
  • social media marketing
  • influencer marketing
  • leveraging your own personal network
  • sustained, long term marketing so you keep making sales long after your launch week

I've also included tips and advice from my years of working in the digital content and brick and mortar retail spaces. This master checklist will make sure you don't miss any marketing steps!

You will receive two pdf files with your order. One is in landscape format and one is in portrait depending on how you prefer to read on your devices. The content in both files is exactly the same!

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Last updated Jun 29, 2023

A complete checklist and timeline to help you market your ebook or digital product that also includes tips and strategies to help you


How To Market Your Ebook - A Complete Checklist to Market Your Ebook or Digital Product

0 ratings
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